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Culinary Delights of Abu Dhabi

Food is available for all palettes and diets in Abu Dhabi. In addition to visiting a number of independent restaurants I traveled to the Taste of Abu Dhabi expo on Yas Island to sample more of the food that Abu Dhabi has on offer.

taste of abu dhabi du arena

Special Diet / Organic / Natural / Vegetarian / Wheat or Lactose Free

Daintree will deliver organic food to you. Their meals are paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, GMO-free, soy-free, corn-free, grain-free and refined sugar-free,

daintry healthy food abu dhabi

Lifefood caters for many restrictive diets and offers an assortment of juices and meals.

organic food wtc mall old souk

Fresh juice is an option for people on most diets and it’s available in many places.

juices abu dhabi zaika du yas

Yogoday has non-fat organic products (mostly drinks and snacks) and they deliver.

gluten free fresh yogurt


Shish Schawerma is the only local franchise that I could find serving anything close to local Emirate cuisine. I;m hoping the UAE will increase its offering in local Arabian cuisine.

schwarma dinner abu dhabi

There are other independent “doner” / shawarma takeaways in the city.

schawarma food abu dhabi


With a majority of the population being residents from the sub-continent you’ll find Indian food available everywhere you go.

indian food abu dhabi du arena yas


La Brioche is present on the Corniche and in many malls.

french cafe food


I came across quite a few Japanese restaurants.

mikado japanes food du yas abu dhabi

I’m a fan of sushi and was pleased with what was on offer in Abu Dhabi.

japanese food


Lebanese food is available throughout the emirate.

saraya yas lebanese food


There are too many American brands to cover in this post including Shake Shack, Starbucks, McDonalds, Fuddruckers, Johny Rockets, The Cheesecake Factory and Dairy Queen.

western cafe

american food abu dhabi

Persian / Iranian

Hatam served the tastiest meal I had during my visit. The rice was very soft and fragrant.

hatam abu dhabi persian starter

hatam abu dhabi kebabs and rice


Turkish kebabs, ice cream and sweets are available but not to the same extent as American and Indian food.

turkish food abu dhabi du yas dolmabahce


You’ll find the freshest fish in the city at low cost at the restaurants in the Mina Fish market.

sea house fish market abu dhabi

I’ve seen halal food wherever I’ve been which makes Abu Dhabi a convenient destination for Muslims to travel to.

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