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Arabian Nights Village – Desert Adventure in Abu Dhabi

The Arabian Nights Village is located in the Al Khatim Desert 70 to 90 minutes out of Abu Dhabi city. The last 24km is on desert road so it helps to travel there in a 4×4.


The site looks like an Arabian Fortress.
arabian nights village mud huts

You’ll receive a welcome drink in the restaurant on arrival.arabian nights village restaurant


You can go swimming in the middle of the desert in their large pool.arabian nights village pool

They have boards on site for you to go sandboarding on the large dune beside the property.

arabian nights village sand dune

Camel Ride

There’s a little camel farm on site. Brace yourself as the camel rises if you’re going for a ride. The camel moves up quite suddenly.

arabian nights village zaid camel travpacker

arabian nights village camel ride shadow
Desert Dune Bashing

I’ve been on a dune bashing adventure in Dubai previously. That was nothing compared to my experience on the dunes of Abu Dhabi. The drivers are highly skilled and the experience is thrilling!

arabian nights village dune bashing 4 wheel drive

arabian nights village desert dune bashing

We stopped beside a camel farm while the drivers deflated the 4×4 tyres before hitting the dunes.

arabian nights village camel closeup

The dune bashing adventure ended shortly after sunset.
arabian nights village sunset desert

arabian nights village dune bashing ride


You won’t be left hungry in the middle of this desert.

arabian nights village salads

There’s quite a selection of dishes for all diets.

arabian nights village food platter

arabian nights village buffet dinne
Live Music

Their’s live local music while you eat.

arabian nights village live music
Belly Dancing Show

And an enchanting belly dancing performance.

arabian nights village belly dancing

Night Sky

They’ll briefly turn off the lights for you to get a clear view of the night sky with many stars available. My camera did not do justice in capturing the amazing starlight.

arabian nights village desert sky


If you’re spending the night there’s a variety of room styles to choose from.

Tent Style

arabian nights tent room

arabian nights village tent bedroom

Wooden Style

arabian nights village wooden hut

arabian nights village wooden hut interior

Mud Hut Style
arabian nights village mud hut outside

arabian nights village mud hut bedroom

arabian nights village mud hut suite

Fort Style

The ultimate accommodation is available in one of the 3-story towers.

arabian nights village entrance

The Arabian Nights village is meant to be a retreat from the hustle of city life by design. Their is no WiFi or any televisions on site. However there is a cell phone tower so you won’y be totally disconnected if you have a sim card.

There is plenty to see and do if you’re visiting for a day or staying a couple of nights. The key purpose of your visit should be to chill, slow down and recuperate within an environment of traditional Arabian hospitality.

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