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The Funniest Travel Videos of 2020

We may have been under lockdown in 2020, but there was no shortage of content being produced while people waited to travel again.

Here’s a selection of some memorable clips.

  1. Many flight attendants were furloughed or retrenched in 2020. Here is a clip of a flight attendant trying to cope from home:

2. This video uses creative stop-motion photography to demonstrate climbing and skiing from home during lockdown.

3. For those who did travel by plane, this video demonstrates some coping mechanisms when WiFi which many are addicted to is unavailable.

4. The most popular prank channel on YouTube recorded a far-out idea of cryo-freezing your pets in long-term storage. Obviously, this is not possible.

5. With lockdown uncertainty, reservation cancellation became a must for companies in the travel industry.

6. Hollywood was still at work, and here’s a trailer to a movie that performed well:

7. This clip is funny but sad.


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