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A power bank to jump start a car

I may be late to discovering this gadget, not out of need, but from a lack of knowledge. I forgot to turn off the headlamps on my car yesterday when I visited the local public swimming pool. Even though the water is slightly heated (which makes it bearable in mid-winter), I like to use my car heater after a swim. Unfortunately, I had to wait 1.5 hour after sunset, shivering, for roadside assistance to jump star my car.

When the gentleman arrived he had one of those large, bulky, single-purpose portable 12V jump starters.

I used to own one of those units myself, but its battery could not maintain a charge after 6 months of use, even immediately after an overnight recharge. I asked around, and my friends alerted me to this mini, cellular phone sized, multi-purpose power bank that has ports to jump start a car, and charge your phone or tablet.

I see that the unit has been on the market for 2 years, and most of the reviews online are positive. That in my opinion makes it mature and trustworthy (based on 2 years of mostly positive reviews). Here’s one of many video reviews.

A single charge can last up to a year, ideal if you want to store this unit in the car cubby-hole for emergencies. You can also charge it using the cigarette charger in the car. With 7800 mAh it’s got plenty of juice to give at least one of your gadgets a full charge.

The minimax portable power bank is available on Amazon Prime. Click the image below that links to my affiliate ID if you’d like to purchase it. I believe it can be both a life saver, a huge convenience, and the perfect gift for any driver.

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