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Amazon Forest final cruise by day, Amazon Theatre performance at night

I awoke at 0600 am. It was already bright outside and I was ready for breakfast by 0730 am. There were just 6 of us guests remaining this morning at Amazon Tupana Lodge, so we all ate at one table.

river bank dark cloud amazon tupana river

That’s the mischievous parrot in the lodge.
parrot amazon tupana lodge

After breakfast we went on another boat trip to see if we could spot dolphins or other wildlife.

cruising amazon tupana river canoe

We just saw a cobra slithering on the water surface.

zaid with others canoe amazon

And more cool scenery.

tree reflection pattern amazon tupana river

We returned back to Amazon Tupana Lodge at 0945 am.

zaid outside amazon tupana lodge

I rested in my room and packed. Lunch was ready by 1130am.

luch amazon tupana lodge buffet

For lunch I had fish and chocolate pudding.
The lodge would not receive any new guests today. Tomorrow they would receive a French group. Robinson (our English guide) would return with us to Manaus but Jamiu (the Portuguese guide) would remain and work with the French translator. The lodge also receives Spanish and Japanese speaking groups with translators.

chilling amazon tupana lodge entrance

We departed for Manaus at 1310.

zaid diagonal amazon tupana

First by motorized boat (20 minutes).

canoe submerged forest amazon tupana

Then by shuttle. Forty Five minutes later at around at 1415 we arrived at the small town Castanho.

Castanho streets after rain

We visited a small convenience store.

castanha market amazon

I tried some acai ice cream.

ice cream brazil flavor

We waited for heavy rainfall to pass and left Castanho at 1445. At 1600 we arrived at the Port in Careiro da Varzeo.fuel station rio solomon amazonas

It would be a 25 minute transfer by flying catamaran across Rio Negro (Amazon River) to Port Ceasa in Manaus.

A journey by flying catamaran is quite bumpy. I was just in awe of how the sky looked at that time of day. Just Epic!

sun through clouds amazon

We got to a point where the vessel tried to navigate through a small pass between the vegetation, but the entrance was blocked by a log.

log in amazon solomon river

log obstruction river solomos amazon

We watched as another ferry came by and towed the log away, opening up the pass for all of us.

On the other end of the pass there was one hilarious moment when the flying cat crashed hard on the surface of the water and we screamed.

When we reached Port Caesa waited 30 minutes for a shuttle to collect us and transfer us to our hotels – the 4th and final transfer from Amazon Tupana Lodge.

approaching port caesa amazon

Port Ceasa in Manaus

While waiting we watched a little performance at the port.

It was thrilling to enter the air-conditioned shuttle again. The first time we’d been exposed to an air-conditioned environment since departing Manaus 4 days earlier.

I got recommendations on where to eat that night from one of the Portuguese girls who is working at a hospital in Manaus.

I was dropped off at Go Inn Manaus at 1710.

I had a hot shower, rested and surfed online until 1920 before departing for the Amazon Theatre. I was told that they have free performances at 8pm but I need to get there early.

amazonas theater manaus at night

There was already a long queue.

queue amazonas theater night

By 1945 they started letting people into the theater.

zaid inside amazonas theater manaus

I found a good place in one of the galleries on the 3rd floor.

crowd amazonas theater manaus

There was a performance with opera, experimental ballet and a live orchestra.

performance amazonas theater manaus

It lasted an 1 hour. After the performance I went to Tambaqui de Banda for supper.

tambaque de banda restaurant manaus

It is opposite the Amazon Theater and was the restaurant that the Portuguese traveler recommended to me on the shuttle.

Promenade outside Amazonas Theatre Manaus

outside amazonas theater manaus

I had Tuscada fish with maniac, rice, beans, salad, and soursop juice.

tambaqui dinner fish tapioca manaus brazil

The food at this restaurant is priced quite reasonably.

amazonas theater manaus menu

Some juices that I’ve never encountered in my life.

amazonas theater manaus drinks

Highly recommended!

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