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The Funniest Travel Videos of 2018

This is a collection of my favorite travel videos of 2018, from across the globe.

1. Mariah Carey – Hostelworld Commercial – Even Divas are Believers.

Hilarious! I love it when brands like Hostelworld aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves.


2. Don’t be a #TravelHater – Giraffe

From Mzansi (South Africa)

3. #YouPeople – Nandos SA

Another creation from South Africa, highlighting our rich diversity in culture, and commonalities at the same time.

4. Every Hotel Ever – Tripp & Tyler

Spot. On!

5. Subaru Dog Tested I Subaru Commercial I Drive Away

Adorable. And funny.

6. A Typical Pilot Job Interview

It’s not a title of a video that I would ever have thought off. If you’ve been on a plane, this is for you.

7. Boarding Order – Key & Peele


8. How To Bypass Baggage Fees (feat. Alycia Cooper)

I love the hat!

9. Decision Time, Valerie: Train Vs Plane – Virgin Trains 30 Sec TV Ad

I found this odd. Virgin also owns an airline brand. Aren’t Virgin Trains humiliating their own sister company?

10. Audi Bulgaria – Стопаджия/Hitchhiker

Hiking still wins, but a nice, funny try Audi.

11. Commentators of Every Nation


12. Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl Commercial 2018

Out of this world!

13. Didi Driver

Sad, but funny.

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