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Jordan – Middle East Tour 2006 [Part 2]

December 2006 more than 130 South Africans went on a 2 week tour through 5 countries in the Middle East. After spending 4 days in Egypt we would depart from Sharm el Sheikh on day 5 after breakfast by coach to Nuwaiba which lies beside the Gulf of Aqaba.

We headed by bus to Egyptian immigration in Nuweiba that morning.

Waiting immigration Nuweiba

A short while later we boarded a luxury ferry to Aqaba.

SA group boarding ferry in Nuweiba

Zaid outside ferry Nuweiba

I remember having a hot dog for lunch with additional “Mochachos seasoning” on that ferry.

Immigration in Aqaba, Jordan was swift.

Aqaba Immigration

We then proceed by bus to Petra where our guides gave us a good briefing on our current location in the middle of the Middle East.

We checked into the hotel and had supper.


After breakfast on the 6th morning of our trip I took a walk outside our hotel on the mountain.

Hotel in Petra

It had cool views which we did not see the previous night on arrival.

Mountainous landscape Petra

That morning we visited one of the ancient wonders of the world, Petra City. This is an ancient city that is reached via a deep, winding canyon.

We spent approximately 3 hours exploring the site

Ancient Petra


Petra ruins wide

Wide and High Petra ruins

As it was a Friday we prayed Juma salaah in a mosque in Petra.

We then stopped at Zaid bin Haretha Shrine along the way to Amman.Zaid at Zaid Bin Harith Shrine

Jordanian kids at Zaid Bin Haretha Shrine

After arrival at the hotel in Amman we went out for a snack.

Popeyes Amman

Some of us visited the pricey Mecca Mall.

Mecca Mall exterior

On morning 7 we made a brief stop outside the King Abdullah Mosque in Amman.

King Abdullah Mosque in Amman

We then visited the Cave of the Sleepers (mentioned in Surah Kahf in the Quran).


Zaid outside sleepers cave

The next stop was Mount Nebo with the temple of Moses (Moosa A.S)

From this site we had a great view of the Jordan Valley.

Valley of Mount Nebo

We were basically overlooking Palestine from Mount Nebo.

Direction Post at Mount Nebo

Our ears popped as we descended the steep road to the Dead Sea.

Zaid at Dead Sea

After lunch at the Dead Sea we returned to our hotel in Amman for dinner. In the prior 2 days we managed to see a lot in Jordan. We’d be up early the next morning for our visit to Palestine.

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