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Resignation, Reflection, and Reprioritisation

It’s official. I submitted notice of my resignation on the 20 August, and my final day of employment is 20 September 2013.

And it happened so suddenly! If you asked me how my job was on 10 August, I would have said that it was the best job in the world, and resignation was not on my mind. But in that final week before submitting my letter, I started to question my current position, and realized that I need to try and take more control of my life, my future.

It led myself to question whether I even wanted to climb the corporate ladder. I am also abit burnt out from taking on an enormous task over the past 6 months (which I still enjoy working on – one big puzzle to solve!). I need a break to relax, re-focus and prioritise.

I started this travel blog a few months back, and have tried out a hotel booking and social networking sites. I realised that I do have some savings to get me through a period of time without any income, and if I do not join the startup scene now, I probably never would. So after discussing it with management at work, I made the choice and resigned. I have left the door open to consult back to the company in the future, but I’m not depending on it.

I’m planning to backpack in Italy from September 23, join a cruise ship (Celebrity Reflection) from September 30 – 20 October (visiting Greece, Turkey and Italy) and backpack in Italy again until 26 October. I have MANY ideas on what to do when I return.

But before my final day of employment, there are a few small ends to tie up:

  • Conclude and handover my current corporate work..
  • Switch my┬áMedical Aid (to a new provider which I need to find)
  • Figure out what to do with my pension
  • Register a new business and apply for a business bank account
  • Meet a tax consultant and book-keeper to understand their business support services=
  • Make progress on my network of travel sites (www.travpacker.com (blog), www.amatrip.com (hotel search), and www.cameway.com (travel and outdoor gear – still looking for manufacturers to supply me with goods to sell))
  • Pack my bag!

A journey I am looking forward to!


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2 thoughts on “Resignation, Reflection, and Reprioritisation

  1. All the best zaid. Although I havent seen you in years, from what I remember of you – I am sure you do need a break!

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