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National Geographic, 125 Years, The Great Adventure – Exhibition in Rome

I was fortunate that my trip to Rome coincided with the opening of the National Geographic, 125 Year Anniversary Exhibition in Palazzo Esposizion, Rome which runs from 28 September 2013 until 2 March 2014.

The exhibition consists of 125 pieces of work which illustrates and provides information on the founding of the society by 33 men in Washington on 13 January 1988; great milestones of the society and their magazines;  major contributions and discoveries made by members of or associated with the society; and other famous or interesting photos that have been taken since the society was formed.

The exhibition includes 2 TV’ screens with short video clips and an interactive touch-display depicting supplementary info on the exhibition.

Some memorable pieces include:

  • First underwater colour photo taken
  • Discovery of the Titanic
  • Primatologist Jane Goodall’s “touching photo”  with a chimp in Tanzania
  • A large portrait of Sharbat Gula, the famous Afghan-Girl
  • The discovery of the Inca Capital at Machu Picchu
  • Film maker James Cameron’s solo voyage to the Mariana Trench, the deepest spot in the ocean
  • Robert Peary who led the first expedition to/near the North Pole

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The full-priced tickets are EUR 7.5 until 10 October, then increases to EUR 12.50 until March 2014.

I would definitely recommend visiting this expedition for inspiration.


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