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Kusadasi, Turkey

Kusadasi is a pleasant coastal Mediterranean town in Turkey, frequently visited by cruise ships.

I spent 2 days in this town, strolling through the streets, having lunch and relaxing.

On my first visit to the town, the ship I was on docked alongside the QE2.

What this actually means is that the unmarked prices in stores actually go higher. If you are travelling to other towns / cities in Turkey, you would be advised to do your shopping there instead. Online you will read many reports of how the shop keepers get angry and shout at anyone who does not want to pay the extremely marked-up prices.

I was happy to eat an Iskander, my favourite Turkish dish in town.

There are 2 mosques in town. I visited the 17th century “Fortress Mosque” a few times.

There is a national park close to the port, although I did not visit this.


On my second visit, it was actually the finishing location of a triathlon event.

Not too many people were at the beach – in late summer.

Behind the buildings near the port, I decided to take a stroll uphill to see what the residences are like.


Behind the glamour that day-visitors see at the port, living conditions for the local’s are not that great.

Sailing away from any port, including Kusadasi is always a great experience. Here we were docked next to a Royal Caribbean ship, with the ships blowing their horns.


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