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The Funniest Travel Videos of 2017

2017 has been another hectic year (as we South Africans say) with the travel industry shaken by US travel bans, airliners mistreating passengers to scam music festivals. Enough material for the creative industry to produce hilarious gems, whether it be advertisements or parodies.

As I have published since 2014, here is my list of the funniest travel related videos for 2017.

1. British Airways safety video

British Airways brought together a selection of the best British actors for this hilarious safety video

Click here to view the extended Directors cut version.

2. E*TRADE – Plane Truth

E*TRADE has published a few funny travel related videos in 2017 with the intention of making you aspire for the finer things in life.

3. Jimmy Kimmel – On United Airlines Passenger Dragged Off United Flight

The world watched in shock as Dr Dao was violently dragged of a United Airlines flight. Many people made mock commercials depicting what you can experience on the airline. This is one of my favorites.

4. “Hero’s Journey” Starring Melissa McCarthy

This was by far my favorite Super Bowl commercial.


5. Don’t be a #TravelHater – Baggage

South African low cost carrier Kulula has published quite a few #TravelHater ads. Check out more of them on this Playlist

6. Fyre Festival 2017 Commercial

Who can forget the rich millennials stranded on a tropical island at the elite music festival that didn’t happen?

6. America first, South Africa second

Producers from many countries published their response to the America First campaign. Here was South Africa’s.

7. Ocean Skin

While I don’t believe in the messaging behind this skincare ad, it was still executed well and it’s funny.

8. You Choose Tuesdays – Traveling (Despacito Parody)

Great destinations and a catchy song.

9. Specsavers commercial “Seal Rescue”

Specsavers have published a few funny ads this year making fun of people who are not wearing their spectacles / contact lens.

10. Lily’s Disneyland Surprise

This kids tears of joy is heartwarming.

11. Hilarious Kulula Flight Attendant

This video of Adrian Thomas is more than a year old but it became viral after Abu Kad uploaded it onto Facebook in January 2017. Since then it has been viewed more than 900000 times across Facebook and YouTube

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