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The Souks of Abu Dhabi, UAE

If you’re on the lookout for hidden gems, traditional gifts, spices, souvenirs or the freshest produce at discounted prices then you have to visit the various souks of Abu Dhabi. I managed to visit quite a few including:

WTC Souk

On the site of the original souk that was destroyed by a fire and now extending up across three levels the WTC souk is a new facility that blends the traditional market with modern amenities.

textiles wtc mall old souk

spices wtc mall old souk

ornaments wtc mall old souk

It has 250 outlets and the Al Khalifa Street Bridge on the first floor connects it to the WTC Mall (which is part of the World Trade Center).

wtc mall old souk lamps


Fruit and Vegetable market

Whether you’re looking to buy fresh produce or not it’s a great experience to visit the stalls at this market which is a short detour on the way from the Abu Dhabi Corniche to Sadiyah and Yas Island.

souk vegetables abu dhabi

souk fruit and veg abu dhabi


Date Market

Located on the same site as the Fruit and Vegetable market but on a row of its own you’ll have a huge selection of fresh dates to choose from.

souk dates on table abu dhabi

souk dates abu dhabi

Mina Fish Market

Head there after sunrise and you”ll see the fishermen returning on the dhows with their catch of the day.

souk fish abu dhabi

They’ll clean the fish for you on site as per your request.

souk fish market abu dhabi slicing

You also won’t find fresher and cheaper fish elsewhere in the city.

fish restaurant sea house abu dhabi


Mina Market

For household items check out the Mina Market.

mina souk home items

They also have pot plants and various bouquets of flowers to choose from.

mina souk plants


Iranian Souk

For rugs, bedding items and a massive selection of traditional textiles check out the Iranian Souk (also referred to as the Carpet Souk) which is not too far from the Fruit and Vegetable market.

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