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Paintball fun at The Woods in Johannesburg

There is a great Paintball facility on Riversands Farm, 10 minutes away from Fourways Mall in Johannesburg (towards Diepsloot / Brits). The facility has 5 fields of various sizes suited to different paces of play. They have a number of good guides who can instruct you on what games you can play.


Overalls, head gear and guns are available at the facility.

I was there with 18 friends and we started off with “Get the flag”. We formed 2 teams, the flag was planted in the center of the field and each team had to start from either side of the field, get the flag and return it to their starting location. As you can see with the video below, that game ended quite quick.

We decided to up the stakes and requested 2 flags, and had each teams flag placed at the opposing teams base / starting position. The first person to collect and return their flag to their base won the game for their team. I attempted a run to the opposing teams base, and lets just say I was hit over 20 times and out of the game by the time I reached the opposing base.

The rule we played was unlimited number of shots are allowed below your waist, but only 1 – 3 shots are allowed above your waist before you are out of the game. This rule was enforced when we played another game to take out as many members of the opposing team (without a need to collect a flag) and see who is the last member standing.

Nobody wanted to play the Ironman game – where you remove all protective gear except for the head gear, and are allowed to shoot a person – there are 2 variations of this game: a person can surrender if they lift their hands, or the no surrender rule could be permitted (where you just shoot the person whether they ask you to stop or not).

In case you run out of ammo or require refreshments, more paint balls and some sweets and beverages can be purchased at a small shop on the facility. There are also a number of benches outside the fields to relax and reload.

It’s great fun to play this game. You can contact The Woods for further information on prices, and to make a booking for a 3 hour session:

Phone: +27 84 911 1000

Address: Riversands Farm, R511, Fourways, Gauteng

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