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Hiking to Chalet La Floria, Chamonix, France

8 October, 2014

I slept in until 09:30 and only left Mountain Highs Chamonix at 11am. I was tired after my previous day which was spent mostly on train travel from Paris to Chamonix. 15 minutes later I arrived at the L’Aiguille du Midi cable car station but learnt that it was currently closed due to strong winds.

I took a stroll through town visiting all my favourite adventure clothing brand stores: Patagonia, The North Face, etc. The prices were a little steep so I did not end up purchasing anything. I explored more of the Chamonix City center that morning.

chamonix town stroll france

There’s a beautiful church:

church chamonix city centre

Store with British goods:
english goods store chamonix france

Nice cafes in town (with epic views):

city center chamonix france

cafes in chamonix town france

A yoga studio:

sattya yoga chmonix

Snowboard and mountain bike hire:
legend chx chamonix france snowboard and bike rental

I’d love to live in town, but unfortunately saw an indication of the home prices at a real estate shop. Property in Chamonix is quite out of my budget,

property prices chamonix france

I decided to visit the Tourist Office to find out if there were any short (+-3 hour) hikes that I could take for the day. The friendly lady at the Tourist Office advised me to go on the hike to Chalet La Floria. She gave me a map and indicated where I need to start (on Chemin de la Floria road).

Chamonix is at 1057m altitude and Chalet La Flora is at 1337m. It’s a 45 to 60 minute uphill hike to reach the chalet.

la floria trail chamonix france

Through a beautiful forest:

foret communale chamonix mont blanc

signpost la floria

It was a good thing that I had some M&M’s (emergency snacks) and water in my backpack as I didn’t stock up in town. If I was short of water I think the water is safe to drink from the streams on the trail.

little stream and waterfall chamonix

I reached the beautiful chalet surrounded and covered in flowers, and was welcomed by the friendly caretaker / coffee shop manager.

chalet la floria building chamonix france

There were a few hikers enjoying some snacks there.

tea at chalet la floria chamonix

That’s me standing at the entrance.

zaid at chalet la floria france

It was slightly warmer on this Autumn day inside, but I decided to indulge myself with a slice of blueberry cake topped with cream and an ice cold lemonade outside. I used this opportunity to take some good photos of Mont Blanc

mont blanc massif in france chamonix alps

With me:

zaid with month blanc and mont favre on extreme right chamonix

The Mont Blanc Massif and Chamonix town:

chamonix france from chalet la floria

Zooming into Chamonix:

zoom in town chalet la floria france

Aiguille du Dru

mont berro alps massif chamonix through forest

And the Merv Glacier

merv glacier chamonix

Instead of returning to Chamonix on the trail from Chamonix I decided to take the trail to Les Praz, a town beside Chamonix, and follow the river back into Chamonix.

clouds through forest la floria trail chamonix

signpost les praz chamonix

Coming down I crossed over the Petit Balcon Sud trail.

signpost petit balcon sud and la floria chamonxi flo

That’s Aguille Charlanon and the Grand Floria mountain peak behind me.

aguille charlanon and grand floria mountains in chamonix france

Les Praz ahead.
les praz from chalet la floria trail france

I walked through a beautiful forest and saw some mountain bikers riding on the trail.

bicycle path les praz to chamonix

I made a right turn onto Promenade des Vorgeats and headed straight towards Les Praz.

les praz to chamonix town path

There is a beautiful golf course in this town.

golf club chamonix les praz

With views of amazing mountain peaks on all sides:

les praz golf course france

les praz golf course greens frnce

french alps chamonix Aiguille du Drugreens golf course les praz

I continued on Promenade des Moullles des Praz.

trail from les praz to chamonix

Took photos of a beautiful church in Les Praz

church les praz chamonix Aiguille du Dru begind

Walked pass the Tennis club

tennis club chamonix

Unfortunately some buildings in this pristine destination were defaced with graffiti.

graffiti in chamonix france

warehouse graffiti chamonix france

I then followed the river back to Chamonix for 2km.

zaid beside river alps chamonix

Before sunset I was back in Chamonix town.

flowers over rver town chamonix

I ate halal food at the Turkish Restaurant Cappedocie in town that night, and headed back to Mountain Highs Chamonix where I stayed up till late chatting with the other guests.

I visited Chamonix on my own. If you’re interested in visiting as part of an active group tour, consider the options by G Adventures or Intrepid Travel who have free days in their itinerary for you to see some of these sites or hike to Chalet La Flora on your own / with your group.

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