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Day 1 at TBEX Europe in Athens

24 October 2014

I awoke very late at 0845am in the morning. The TBEX Welcome and Opening Keynote with Rick Calvert, Jaume Marin and Chris Christensen was scheduled to start at 0915am but since I only slept at 0245am the previous night I was okay with attending just the last few minutes of that session.
Even though I had prepared a plan of which TBEX sessions to attend more than a month in advance (see my preparation post for TBEX Athens here), when it came to the day I made quite a few changes.

The first session that I attended was by Nash Vegas on “SEO for Bloggers”:

Nash gave some great tips and insights:

The next session was on “Build a Better Blogging Brand: How a Unique Identity is Key to Blogging Success” by Bret Love (@GreenGlobalTrvl ):

I then attended the session on “So Much Content, So Little Time: Productivity Tips for Bloggers” by Tim Leffel:

You can see that this was a popular session:

After those morning sessions I headed for lunch, a bit tired after that information overload in the morning. It was great to meet some of the bloggers I met the previous night and some new faces at lunch.

After lunch I headed for a session on “Travel Bloggers: Be Seen and Be Heard. Working with tourism boards and travel PR, advice from the other side of the fence” by Michael Collins:

I had to leave this session early as I had a Speed Networking session with Tripinview, a Greek company that has a website which provides aerial panorama videos of coastal destinations. The solution is still in beta. It felt as though there purpose is still undefined, but they are willing to work with others. I gave them a few ideas on what they could do.

After the Speed Networking session I waited for heavy rain outside to subside and chatted with a few bloggers. I only left Megaron at 6pm for my hostel.

There was an Expedia party at 7pm at Skyfall. I was exhausted after this intense day of study and socialisation so I slept and only went to the party at 09:30pm for 20 minutes. The place was too crowded as the venue is small, and the music was too loud for people to chat.

I found Cosa Nostra delicious Italian Restaurant opposite Athens Style hostel.

They made better Italian pizza than what I actually had in Italy.
After supper I headed back to City Circus Athens hostel and was fast asleep by 1am.

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