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Capri, Italy

Capri is a premium island off the coast of Naples, only accessible by boat. It is quite frequently visited for the day by cruise ship passengers, and by famous movie stars (who arrive by helicopter).


I chose to spend 3 nights on the island arriving by hydrofoil from Naples and departing by fast ferry to Sorrento.

Dock at CapriTickets for sea transport can be purchased at the docks just before departure. Check out this useful guide for further details on how to get to the island.

To get from the docks to Piazza Umberto in the town of Capri, use the funicolare (a 5 minute ride).



If you really want to get around the island in style, you can pay for a ride in one of these classic taxis.

taxi in Capri


To move between attractions on the island, the public bus is really easy to use.

If you arrive at the docks and don’t want to carry your luggage to your hotel, you can pay a porter to transport your luggage directly to your hotel.


Capri is a walkers, hikers and swimmers paradise! It has amazing viewpoints though out the island and lots of foot paths (you have to be prepared to walk a lot on this island).

You can start with some fine dining in / near Piazza Umberto. Note: Food is expensive in Capri. A Margherita Pizza and a glass of Coke cost me EUR30. Most of the restaurants in Capri charge a EUR3 cover fee and 15% service charge.


From Piazzetta Umberto in Capri, take a 15 minute walk to see the Faraglioni rocks (a great site at sunset).

Walk on the famous Via Krupp path from Piazza Umberto towards Marina Picollo, and take some amazing photos.

Carry your swimming costume with you as there are 2 great beaches at Marina Piccolo to swim in. Just be careful not to swim too close to the rocks, as the waves can knock your body against it. Food is also relatively cheap here (compared to the rest of the island).

To get back to Piazza Umberto from Marina Piccolo, you can either retrace your steps up Via Krupp, or take the local bus.

Anacapri, a town located on the other end of the island also has a number of sights and activities worth seeing. As seen from Capri, Anacapri is on the other side of Monte Solaro, the tallest peak on the island.



You can take the chairlift from Anacapri up to Monte Solaro. It seems like there are no safety belts on the chair. I wanted to go up, but by the time I reached the departure station they were not allowing anyone up.

I chose to spend my time in Anacapri hiking to the lighthouse.

Fortunately, I had my swimming gear with me so I could spend some time swimming at the cove by the lighthouse.

Anacapri is also home to the famous Blue Grotto. Unfortunately I got there too late to see the cave. Previously, people were allowed to swim into the cave after 5pm when the local boatsmen and tour operators left. This is no longer allowed (security cameras and big warning signs are now posted at the site).


Outside blue grotto, Anacapri


I may not have seen the cave, but I did see an amazing sunset on my way there.

Sunset, Anacapri, Italy

Anacapri also has one of the most decorated cemeteries that I have ever seen – literally! Check out the number of floral arrangements.


I can’t end this post without mentioning the designer label shopping in Capri. It may be the latest Italian fashion designs, but the prices are ridiculously high.

I heard a few cruise ship passengers complain that their tour operator primarily left them at these shops during their day excursions to the island, instead of allowing them an opportunity to see the island’s natural beauty.

Here are some pictures of the shops and the latest Italian fashion:







Capri is a beautiful island that is definitely worth visiting for a few nights. But it’s not a place designed to cater for the budget backpacker.

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