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In and out of Rome again

After a hectic previous 2 full days of shopping at The Mall and the Barberino Designer Outlet in Florence I decided to take it slow and easy this morning, this entire day. I checked out of Plus Florence Hostel at 10am but still lazed in the reception area till 11am, trying hard to squeeze additional items into my bag.

At 11am I arrived on foot at Florence S.M.N. train station and booked onto the 11:38 am train to Rome.

It was a year since I’d been to Rome and everything seemed familiar. As soon as I exited the train I knew exactly where to go. No need for walking directions using my Nokia phone’s GPS.

I proceeded to The Yellow hostel, a place I previously made so many good friends at and would return to again, and again. However, it looked like The Yellow had undergone many changes. They’re so popular now that they had decided to expand by buying off 2 more adjacent buildings.

The reception is now on the 1st floor of the building opposite the original Yellow hostel. They hire the most helpful and friendliest staff members which is a pleasure to have. Initially I was booked into an ensuite-dorm but I was exhausted today so I asked for a room upgrade (at a price) in the Hotel Corallo wing.

After resting for a while I went for lunch to a Halal chicken broast restaurant opposite Roma Termini.

I walked for half an hour in the vicinity of the train station but felt too tired. There would be no touristic sites that I’d visit on this trip to Rome. I headed back to Roma Termini. On the underground level there’s a nice supermarket that I bought chocolate milkshake, a slab of chocolate and some other snacks. I’d be returning back to my hotel now to chill, blog a little, watch some movies on my laptop and sleep.

That night I got up around 9pm for a light supper. There’s a nice restaurant next to The Yellow that makes a variety of pizza slices and sells it by the weight.

I ordered 2 slices, bought some gelato from across the street (lemon sorbet and frozen yogurt) and headed to Roma Termini (4 blocks away).

I had at the latest designs in the Sisley store but decide to not purchase anything. For now I’d had enough of shopping. When I returned to my hotel room at The Yellow I wasn’t sure if my bag would be overweight on the low cost EasyJet flight the next day so I went online and purchased another 3kg of luggage weight (to a total of 23kg) for 12 USD and went to sleep.

Tomorrow I’d be flying to Athens for the TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange) conference and I needed some to have good rest before that 3 day event / party.

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