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Arriving in St Moritz, Switzerland

After spending 8 hours on the Glacier Express from Zermatt to St Moritz I was keen to do some activity for the day instead of just retiring to bed in St Moritz. This resort town located in the Engadin Valley was home to the 1928 and 1948 Winter Olympics.

saintmoritz train station

There is a visitor information center located at the train station and I asked for advice on options available.

outside saint moritz train station

For the current rainy evening the helpful lady advised that the only place I could visit was the new Ovaverva swimming pool which was a short walk away from where I was staying.

Jugender Hostel Saint Moritz

She also supplied me with many maps and gave advice on what I could do the following day.

I purchased a 24 hour bus ticket and then got onto Bus 9 which stops in front of Jugender Hostel (St Moritz Youth Hostel). After unpacking I decided to visit the new swimming Ovaverva pool at 7pm. It costs 26 CHF to use the pools.

Ovaverva gym and swimming pool saint moritz

I spent a few hours doing laps in the indoor Olympic sized pool and the heated outdoor pool. I was quite impressed with the water quality. Unlike the local Planet Fitness pool that I swim at in South Africa, there was no scent of chlorine in this pool. I asked the pool attendant what they use and he explained that they follow a 3 step process to treat the pool. First they use what sounded like foula (not sure what this is), then they oxidise it (to remove all solid objects) and then put in a very small amount of chlorine. I wish Planet Fitness would adopt this methodology.

After a good workout I decided to have a pizza for supper at Hotel Sonne.

hotel sonne restaurant saint moritz

I ordered a Capri pizza, one of the worst pizza’s I’ve ever eaten, loaded with anchovies and capers. No matter how many capers I removed it still remained ultra-salty. However, if you’re paying over 18 CHF (more than R200) for a pizza, you’re still going to eat it.

Capri Pizza Hotel Sonne Saint Moritz
After “dinner” I headed back to bed and by midnight I was fast asleep.

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